Yellowpine 2014

What A Blast!

Dennis on stage 2014 Yellow PineThe 2014 Yellow Pine Harmonica and Music festival was the best one yet!

The event coordinators have made some significant changes in the past few years which have improved the quality in many ways. This year featured some more great changes.

  • They moved the stage which provided two advantages:
    1. More folks were able to watch the shows without clogging the road in front of the local establishments.
    2. The relocated stage put both entertainers and audience members in the shade during the warmest part of the day.
  • Awesome entertainers! The quality of the acts on stage improved exponentially in 2014. This isn’t an easy thing to pull off in a remote community event without a budget to pay entertainers. Those who perform do so because we love the event, the people and the town.
  • Great volunteers! The folks who coordinate this event  put a lot of time and effort into making the festival the best it can be. They are on the front lines for many months before and after the festival making changes that improve the quality for all of the musicians and visitors to their community.
  • Awesome attendees! This years crowd had a great time! They did it with respect for others and a minimum of the stupidity that often accompanies large groups of people with access to alcohol.
  • The law enforcement presence was just right for the event. The officers on duty during the festival were friendly, reasonable, and helpful.
  • The vendors were top-notch! They offered great food and quality merchandise to interested shoppers.
  • The local residents and merchants did a great job of welcoming and serving the needs of their guests. It’s quite a job for such a small town in a remote location.

If you didn’t attend in 2014 make plans for 2015 your missed a GREAT PARTY!